Wildcraft Skincare, 1% For the Planet Team

Wildcraft Skincare, 1% For the Planet Team

Photography courtesy of Wildcraft Skincare

Including Cheekbone Beauty’s contaminated lip gloss, Schwarzkopf Professional’s upgraded haircare line and Starface’s first-ever sunscreen.

Wildcraft Skincare partners with 1% For The Planet

Indigenous-owned eco-luxury skincare label Wildcraft Skincare is celebrating National Indigenous History Month by committing to donate one per cent of its annual sales to the Canadian charity 1% For The Planet. When speaking about Indigenous representation in the clean beauty space, Laura Whitaker, the Toronto-based founder of the brand, says: “Clean and green beauty is not an inclusive space, generally. While the beauty industry is finally making room for Indigenous models, influencers, and entrepreneurs, there’s still a long way to go. A handful of Indigenous representation is not enough; it’s important for people who are outside of what is typically represented to know that there’s space for them too.”

The sustainable brand’s line features the Silk Sea Sponge, which is rich in enzymes and perfect for sensitive skin, the Wash Cream Cleanser made with Mediterranean purple clay, and the aluminium-free Lavender & Sage Deodorant ​​made with magnesium, kaolin clay and antibacterial essential oils to balance pH, reduce odour causing bacteria, and absorb moisture.

Cheekbone Beauty launches unsellable lip glosses featuring contaminated water

Three lipglosses with the titles Luscious Lead, E.Coli Kiss and Mercury Shimmer.
Photography courtesy of Cheekbone Beauty

In recognition of Indigenous History Month, Indigenous-owned Cheekbone Beauty has launched its #GlossedOver campaign, an initiative aimed at bringing pressing light to the fact that many First Nations communities in Canada still do not have access to clean drinking water. The campaign features three *unsellable* lipglosses infused with actual contaminated water — think: lead, E, coli and mercury — from local Indigenous communities. With names like “Luscious Lead,” “E.Coli Kiss,” and “Mercury Shimmer,” the lipglosses aim to raise the question, “Would you put it to your lips? Some people don’t have a choice. It’s time to stop glossing over this issue,” states the brand in a press release. The company goes on to say: “While Cheekbone Beauty recognizes it’s unacceptable to sell contaminated products to the public, it demands to know why it’s acceptable for many Indigenous communities and their access to drinking water.” In collaboration with the bold campaign, beauty mega retailer Sephora will donate all proceeds from the sale of Cheekbone Beauty products throughout the month of June to Water First, a charitable organization supporting Indigenous communities to address the water crisis.

Schwarzkopf Professional launches its newest line Session Label

Schwarzkopf Professional's The Serum bottle
Photo courtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional

With summer just around the corner, Schwarzkopf Professional is ready to help revamp your hair care routine. Its newest line Session Label, which launched June 1, has been curated for the daily use of salon stylists. Adapted from OSiS+, the upgraded line is sustainably made with carbon-free plastic resin, to ensure recyclability, and most of the products contain vegan formulas. In addition relaunching its most loved formulas from OSiS+, Session Label is introducing five brand-new innovations, including The Thickener Blow Dry Spray to leave your hair feeling thicker, The Definer Curl Cream to define curls without frizziness, and The Serum Finishing Oil to add a silky shine to the hair’s surface without overburdening it.

Starface launches sunscreen

This week, Starface unveiled its new oil-free high-protection Clear as Day Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 46. The cult-favourite acne care brand is committed to building a line up of products that are highly effective and promote self-acceptance, and this moisturizing SPF is no different. The sunscreen blend is fragrance-free and formulated to leave your skin with a silky smooth, clear finish with zero white cast. Suitable for acne-prone skin, this is the perfect product to layer on before heading out into the summer sun!

Etiket introduces Goldfield & Banks fragrance

Etiket, a leading Canadian luxury facial spa and beauty boutique based in Montreal, is the ultimate destination for discovering niche fragrances. This week the boutique introduced Purple Suede Eau de Parfum by Australian fragrance house Goldfield & Banks to its exclusive fragrance line-up. Featuring notes of Australian lavender, frankincense, hyssop flowers, rose, amber and wood, this gorgeous new spritz is sensual and leathery.

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