Wedding Nails: 5 Bridal Nail Designs to Wear on Your Wedding Day

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From bridal bows to pearl accents, nail your marriage manicure with these stunning designs.

There’s a long list of to-dos to check off in preparation for a wedding — not least of which is deciding which nail design will be the one come the big day. And we’ve got a hot take for the soon-to-be brides out there: Wedding nails don’t have to be basic.

From bridal bow accents and heart-shaped tips to chrome polishes and 3-D pearl adornments, there are endless ways to elevate a nuptial nude mani without outshining your ring — or your dress. Here, we break down five of our favourite wedding nail designs for 2024, and how to recreate them.

Bridal bows

From Honor to Tanner Fletcher, New York’s Bridal Fashion Week collections for the Spring 2025 season were rife with bow-bedecked designs. Our advice to 2024 brides? Get ahead of the trend, and flaunt a set of ribbon-adorned nails on your big day.

Forever feminine and eternally chic, bow designs add a subtle touch of elegance to a neutral base. As seen on the stunning manicure above, you can limit your ribbon placement to just a couple of nails (most importantly, on your ring finger), or you can go all-out with a full set. For a cohesive look, match the colour of the bows to your dress, or your wedding day bling. It’s all in the details.

Though you could have a manicurist hand-paint this design, nail stickers can help cut the cost. Deco Beauty’s Coquette nail stickers are easy to apply and come with tons of bow-shaped options to choose from. (These are also fun to play with DIY-style for pre-wedding festivities, like your bachelorette weekend.)

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Heart accents

What better way to declare your love than with heart-shaped fingertips? Not quite as cliché as painting hearts all over your nails yet still as romantic, this sweetheart set is for the bride who just can’t part from her tried-and-true pink polishes.

With the shape of a standard French manicure as your base, these easy wedding nails only require you to add two more arches overtop to form a heart. Lighter, milky pink polishes will give you a more subdued look, while brighter, bubblegum hues are guaranteed to pop against a white wedding dress.

With a name like “Sweet Heart,” this OPI Nail Lacquer was practically made for this look. And it’s subtle enough to go with all of your honeymoon outfits after the wedding, too.

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Textured French tips

Strike a balance between a classic French manicure and something more modern with this textured-tip design. By trading in a solid white shade for a pearlescent polish at the tips, this simple swap will give your mani a 3-D feel that your guests won’t be able to pry their eyes from.

And, if you’re jetting off to somewhere tropical for a destination wedding, these freshwater pearl nails give off a beachy vibe without going too over the top. Here’s to the mermaidcore bride.

If there was ever a time to splurge on a luxury nail polish, it’d be now. Dior’s Mitzah Limited Edition “001 Pearl” Vernis Top Coat lends itself perfectly to this set — and will make for a gorgeous little keepsake.

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Sugar-glazed chrome polish

For a standout set that’s still pared-back enough for a bride to wear, a chrome-coloured manicure is the way to go. Popularized in 2022 by none other than Hailey Bieber, this near-metallic manicure is the look that keeps on giving.

Whether your wedding dress is pure white, ivory or champagne, finding a chrome powder or polish that matches your gown will satisfy every bride’s inner perfectionist. With their mirror-like finish, these nails exude luxurious energy.

Opt for press-ons to ensure your nails are one less thing you’ll have to worry about in the weeks leading up to the wedding. We love Glamnetic’s “Hailey” Press On Nails because they’re reusable, re-shapable and last up to two weeks.

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A pop of pearls

Hear us out, minimalists. Elevating a barely-there manicure with 3-D pearl beads is the dreamiest way to upgrade your usual nail set this wedding season. While you can stick with a truly minimal look using miniature pearls (like the mani pictured above), the possibilities are endless when it comes to the addition of this traditional bridal stone.

Get creative with placement by adding a few beads all over each nail, in the same spot on each nail, or on just a few to make a statement. And, to add even more dimension, alternate beads of different sizes to create depth.

Decora’s Ivory Flat Back Pearls make application a breeze. What’s more, this pack offers 500 half-round pearls for under $10. Way to budget, future bride!

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