Vietnamese Coffee – Carmy – Easy Healthy-ish Recipes

Vietnamese Coffee – Carmy – Easy Healthy-ish Recipes

Creamy, flavourful, and packed with caffeine, Vietnamese Coffee is a delicious way to start the day off or as a way to cool off later in the day.

Growing up, there was never a shortage of Vietnamese coffee in my household. Even though I was never a huge fan of coffee, I still would take a couple of sips of it whenever my parents made it. I have a huge sweet spot for sweetened condensed milk so that definitely plays a big part. Even to this day, this is my coffee of choice, and obviously with extra sweetened condensed milk!

A glass of Vietnamese coffee.

What is Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is dark, rich, and deep as well as sweet. The coffee is made with strong and flavorful Vietnamese coffee beans that is slowly dripped through a phin, cut with sweetened condensed milk. A regular dark roast coffee is not the same, in order to make Vietnamese coffee, you must use Vietnamese grown beans (usually robusta and/or arabica). Vietnamese coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold.

A glass of Vietnamese coffee being poured into a glass of ice.

What is a Phin

Vietnamese coffee phin.

A phin is a traditional metal filter that can be compared to a cross-over between a pour-over and a French press. The phin consists of four parts. The round perforated plate that fits over a cup (top left), a brewing chamber that sits on top of the plate (bottom right), the press/damper that goes over the top of the grounds (bottom left), and the lid (top right).

They come in various sizes as well. There are small phins that are generally 4 to 8 oz (photographed above) and up to 24 oz (photographed below).

Vietnamese coffee phin with a pack of Nguyen coffee.

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • Vietnamese ground coffee — you can get the coffee beans (whole or ground) online if you can’t find it locally (like myself).
  • sweetened condensed milk — there are some who are very loyal to the Longevity brand but to be honest, I just buy whichever is on sale at the store.
  • hot water
Ingredients needed to make Vietnamese coffee.

How to Make Vietnamese Coffee

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