Tempura Batter – Carmy – Easy Healthy-ish Recipes

Tempura Batter – Carmy – Easy Healthy-ish Recipes

Making Japanese Tempura Batter at home is super easy with this simple guide. Light, crispy, and super satisfying, you’ll have fresh and crunchy tempura in no time!

Whether you’re making shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, or whatever you’re in the mood to deep fry, you’re not going to be able to have just one serving after experiencing the light, irresistible crunch of tempura.

Plate of mixed vegetable tempura with dipping sauce.

A basic and authentic tempura batter only requires 3 simple ingredients that I’ll bet you have at home, eggs, all-purpose flour, and water. While you can definitely purchase pre-made batter mix, I find it much easier to make it from scratch whenever it’s needed.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Ingredients needed to make tempura batter.
  • eggs — it’s important to keep your eggs cold
  • flour — low-protein flours are ideal but I don’t want to spend the extra time and money going out to purchase cake flour specifically for tempura so I stick with all-purpose flour.
  • water — ice cold, if possible

How to Make Tempura Batter

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