Taro Milk Tea – Carmy

Taro Milk Tea – Carmy

Sweet, rich, and creamy, this Taro Milk Tea is so easy to make at home. This taro bubble tea features a simple brown sugar syrup and tapioca but you can enjoy the taro milk without it! Easily make this taro boba with taro powder or real taro.

I am obsessed with taro. I literally have a Rubbermaid container in the freezer with cubed taro ready to go whenever the craving hits. It’s one of my favourite things to put in hot pot and my love transfers over to taro bubble tea.

Taro bubble tea is so easy to make at home and is way cheaper than buying it at cafes. This post will show you how to make taro boba at home with both taro powder and real taro.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Freshly diced taro and taro powder, side by side.
  • tapioca pearls — I use these specific ones for extra sweetness for this hojicha boba. You can use any topioca pearls you like. There are even taro pearls if you want extra taro flavour.
  • muscovado sugar — or dark brown sugar. Muscovado sugar is a little less refined than regular brown sugar so it has more pronounced caramel and toffee notes to it.
  • taro powder — this recipe uses taro powder that has creamer mixed in so you do not have to purchase and add that separately. Alternatively, you’ll need real taro, peeled and cubes along with a drizzle of condensed milk.
  • milk — feel free to use 50/50 milk and water or 100% milk. I like how creamy it tastes with 100% milk but H prefers it with 50% water.
  • green tea — I used genmaicha tea but jasmine tea is great as well.

You’ll also need a blender for this recipe. Some packages instruct that you shake the powder with hot water together but I find that sometimes the powder doesn’t dissolve fully. I prefer a blender to make sure the taro powder fully mixes into the taro boba.

How to Make Taro Milk Tea

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