Shrimp Tempura | How to Make Shrimp Tempura at Home

Shrimp Tempura | How to Make Shrimp Tempura at Home

Light and crispy, this homemade Shrimp Tempura is surprisingly simple to make! Coated in a simple batter and then fried, you’ll be making this crunchy tempura shrimp in no time with these easy-to-follow steps.

A popular dish at sushi restaurants, shrimp tempura is an appetizer, side dish, main dish, and an ingredient all at once! It can be served on its own or inside of a sushi roll. It’s definitely one of my favourite items to order as it’s light, crispy, and absolutely addictive.

Why You’ll Love This Tempura Shrimp

  • It’s made with everyday ingredients. You can actually whip up a batch of shrimp tempura in no time. The ingredients are pretty much pantry staples at my house so it doesn’t require me to go out to buy anything so chances are, you won’t have to either!
  • It’s so easy to make as all you have to do is dip the shrimp in a batter then fry it. It also only takes a couple of minutes to fry as well so it cooks quickly!
  • It’s super addictive and tasty as I can literally eat a whole batch by myself!

Ingredients You’ll Need

For the Shrimp

  • tiger prawns — also named giant tiger prawn, Asian tiger shrimp, or black tiger shrimp. I like using these ones are they are large. They are also sold in stores deveined and with an easy peel option so I love how it’s a time saving option.
  • mirin
  • potato starch — if you don’t have potato starch, you can use cornstarch.
  • oil for frying — I use vegetable oil but you can use whatever neutral oil with a high smoke point.

For the Tempura Batter

  • flour — all purpose flour is perfectly fine for making tempura batter. No need to break out the fancy flours.
  • egg
  • ice cold water

How to Make Shrimp Tempura at Home

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