Shop Sunburn Blush Shades for Summer

Shop Sunburn Blush Shades for Summer

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The perfect warm-weather glow, sans the skin damage.

Everyone wants to look like a sun-kissed glazed donut these days (thank you, Hailey Bieber!), and it’s not hard to see why. Summer has always meant dewy skin and barely-there makeup. But the 2022 edition of the perennial trend has seen an old beauty technique popularized via TikTok: sunburn blush.

The best part is that you don’t actually have to get a sunburn to achieve the look (so don’t ditch your SPF and brimmed hats just yet). By applying a heavy dose of blush in a “W” shape over the cheeks, nose and temples, the skin looks instantly revitalized. It allows you to recreate the ultimate summer glow, as though you’ve spent the day out in the sun and just rolled up to your evening plans looking perfectly flushed.

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To get the look, you’ll need to find the shade and finish that suits your skin. From creams to powders, we’ve rounded up our top picks in the gallery below to help you perfect the sunburn blush look this summer.

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