Sasha Exeter And Tetley Collab To Create Be Still Blend

Sasha Exeter And Tetley Collab To Create Be Still Blend

Photography by David Pike

Her new Tetley blend is all about stillness.

Sasha Exeter is busy. But in the early mornings, she’s putting in a different kind of work.

The Canadian content creator is more than just an influencer: She’s a single mother, entrepreneur and brand collaborator, counting Activia, Vichy, Indigo, BMW and, of course, Tetley as partners. A retired athlete (and the national face of Joe Fresh Active), Exeter’s health and wellness journey is at the core of her online presence.

On her Instagram and blog, she shares her favourite workout routines, holds space for honest conversations about mental health, and presents a holistic approach to wellness that centers on recharging the mind and body from the inside out.

But before the sun rises, the self care advocate is offline and enjoying some solitude with a cup of tea. And now, she has her very own Tetley blend, Be Still, aptly named to fit her daybreak ritual.

Sasha Exeter Tetley
Photography by David Pike

“You would think finding stillness would be easy but being a busy mama with a crazy hectic work schedule, I often have to schedule time into my calendar to make sure I’m getting the time I need,” Exeter says. “The best time of day for me is bright and early in the morning before the world wakes up and the sun rises. Before most people’s alarms go off and before my daughter gets up. This is when I can take a few minutes for myself, enjoy a cup of tea and get ready for the day ahead.”

Be Still launches today, November 23, as an exclusive limited-release on Amazon. Each box includes 40 sachets at a suggested price of $6.99.

“This partnership with Tetley Canada has been a labour of love. My mum is from the UK and her mother lived with us for years when I was young, so there was lots of tea time in our home. As I’ve gotten older, it’s been an ongoing staple in my day to day routine. Working with Tetley’s Master Blenders in the UK, I was able to create a soothing herbal tea rooted in flavours that defined my childhood — spicy ginger and sweet, mellow honey. I really relied on my online community during this process. Through Instagram, I was able to get insights on what kind of blends people were currently enjoying and how they take their tea, so I knew creating a warming herbal tea would be the perfect choice for the upcoming fall/winter season.”

Here, we speak to Sasha Exeter about prioritizing self care, the one piece of advice she’d give her younger self and how she teaches the value of wellness to her daughter, Maxwell.


Sasha Exeter Tetley
Photography by David Pike

You opened up this summer about your life off-camera. Has your definition of self care evolved since then?

I would not necessarily say my definition of self care has changed per se, but what I will say is that I have a deeper understanding of what I need to do for optimal mental and physical health. The last two years have been extremely difficult, for everyone, and the self care I was doing during the pandemic and things for my mental health are things I was doing pre-pandemic and you know what, it just wasn’t enough. In hindsight, I needed to be doing a lot more and it wasn’t until this past summer that I realized I really had to take a step back and go much deeper.

Sasha Exeter Tetley
Photography by David Pike

What is one big or small — but impactful — change you’ve made recently to prioritize your own wellness?

A big change I’ve made for myself is in the way I work. I take one day out of the work week to focus solely on my mental and physical health; seeing my therapist, working with my trainer, doing chiro and any other therapy and treatments my body and mind need to operate optimally.

As a mom, how do you teach your daughter about wellness and self care?

I think the best way to teach Maxwell anything is by example. She fully understands the importance of fitness, healthy eating and self care for me. We are super close and she likes to emulate everything I do, so naturally she likes being active; moving her body in different ways, she’s willing to eat healthy foods to help fuel her body and I love that she is into mindful and self care activities.

Sasha Exeter Tetley
Photography by David Pike

If you could give one piece of advice to your former self (at any age!), what would it be?

The advice I would give my younger self is to “TRUST. YOUR. GUT.” It took me a really long time to have the confidence to trust myself and what I think is right for my family and I. The older I get and the more I do it, the easier it becomes. When I look back at all the right decisions I’ve made in my life, it’s been when I have ignored what other people have told me and did what felt right. I could have saved myself a whole lot of heartache and pain if I knew this earlier in life, but as they say…better late than never, right?

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