Roasted Banana Milk with Cinnamon

Roasted Banana Milk with Cinnamon

A sweet banana milk mixed with cinnamon flavours throughout, you’ll love this Roasted Banana Milk with Cinnamon. Quickly caramelize your seasoned banana slices in the oven and blend it up to make this delicious sweet drink.

Inspired by my recent homemade banana milk, this roasted banana milk is adapted from that. I’ve seen people cooking their bananas on the stovetop for their oatmeals so I thought, why not my banana milk?! The bananas are roasted in the oven with some cinnamon, brown sugar, salt, and vanilla to add extra sweetness and flavour and then blended up with some milk to turn it into a refreshing banana milk! Easy peasy!

What You’ll Need

Ingredients for roasted banana milk with cinnamon.
  • ripe banana
  • brown sugar
  • cinnamon
  • salt
  • vanilla extract
  • milk — feel free to swap the milk for a non-dairy alternative.
  • water

How to Make Roasted Banana Milk

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