Lunar New Year 2024: What to Wear Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

Photography courtesy of Sandy Liang

Ring in the Year of the Dragon in style.

Lunar New Year, a widely celebrated holiday in the East Asian community, marks a new beginning. It’s a time for people to come together with friends and family, share meals and engage in traditions such as exchanging red envelopes filled with money and enjoying lion and dragon dances, all in the pursuit of good luck.

This year celebrates the Dragon, a symbol known for its strength and resilience. It encourages individuals to embrace their power, presenting a contrast to last year’s focus on tranquility during the Year of the Rabbit (or Cat for those celebrating Vietnamese Tết).

Dressing up is an integral part of the celebration, and Lunar New Year comes with its own set of sartorial guidelines — wear red to attract good fortune, avoid mourning colours like black and white on the day of, embrace accessories like gold and jade to avert bad luck and most importantly: Wear something new! Whether it’s products adorned with dragon motifs or subtle incorporations of lucky colours, we’ve compiled a list of the best Lunar New Year collections and products to ring in the new year in style.

Sandy Liang hair clip

Sandy Liang hair clip

Celebrating Lunar New Year with flowers is a cherished tradition, and the orchid, known for symbolizing fertility, purity and elegance, is a common gift.

Sandy Liang shares her rendition with a pink leather orchid accessory embellished with blood-red crystals. Wear it in your hair or as a brooch, and enjoy a good fortune token that won’t wilt with time.

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Roots x CLOT Lunar New Year zip pouch

Roots x CLOT Lunar New Year zip pouch

Carry a bit of luck with a leather pouch from Roots, created in partnership with Hong Kong-based streetwear brand CLOT. The bag, made out of cervino leather, features an embroidered dragon in gold, green and red.

In addition to the pouch, there are various options featuring the same dragon design, ranging from socks to sweaters, with a select few featuring a “Stay Lucky” slogan.

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On Running Cloudmonster LNY

On Running Cloudmonster LNY, Lunar New Year

Chase good fortune this year with a limited edition drop of the Cloudmonster.

In celebration of Lunar New Year, the Cloudmonster now boasts subtle dragon detailing in indigo and ruby, alongside distinguished features such as the iconic rocker shape and Helion superfoam.

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Alexander McQueen LNY handbags

Alexander McQueen LNY handbags, Lunar New Year

Inspired by the antirrhinum flower, or snapdragon in English, Alexander McQueen presents a collection of leather goods in a dragon flower print. The small and mini seal bag features the dragon flower print in vibrant red and pink.

In addition to the dragon flower print, a selection of wallets, card holders, pouches and more are available in various floral designs and colours.

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U Beauty The Plasma Lip Compound

Drawing inspiration from U Beauty’s owner’s grandmother and her boldness, Tina Craig Chen unveils the Plasma Lip Compound in the shade “Shanghai.”

This cult favourite plumps and hydrates the lips, the latest shade boasting a vibrant red that’s bound to make you feel powerful from the inside out.

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Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie, Lunar New Year

Bottega Veneta celebrates Lunar New Year with a take on the classic Jodie bag.

Revamped with a dragon crest detailing in an emerald green and glacier white colourway, the bag is reminiscent of a dragon tail and tied together with their signature knot Intrecciato design.

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Pandora Lunar New Year collection

Pandora Lunar New Year collection

The Lucky Amulet Charm, Year of the Dragon Charm and Collier Necklace are just a few of the standout pieces from Pandora’s Lunar New Year drop.

The collection features a selection of necklaces, bracelets, charms and more, the accessories symbolizing fresh starts and promises of good luck for the new year.

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Frame Lunar New Year cashmere crew in red

Frame Lunar New Year cashmere crew in red

Composed out of cashmere, this long-sleeved cardigan is the lushest way to ring in the year. The sweater features gold detailing on the sides, seamlessly fusing the two most popular colours for the holiday into one.

Wear it buttoned up for a bold statement or wear it open and paired down with neutrals — the garment is a versatile must.

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Sephora Year of the Dragon set

Sephora Year of the Dragon skincare and haircare set

Sephora celebrates the spirit of the dragon with two exclusive limited edition favourites kits, curated for makeup and skincare enthusiasts to tap into their inner strength.

The collection features a carefully selected array of products, including sought-out brands such as Tower 28, Sulwhasoo, NARS, Laura Mercier and Oribe.

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Fossil wristlet keychain

Fossil wristlet keychain, Lunar New Year

If you’re looking to carry a bit of luck with you throughout the year, Fossil has you covered. Playing off of Fossil’s signature legacy charm design, the Wristlet Keychain features a dragon-stamped detailing attached to ruby red leather, making it the perfect addition to your house keys.

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Montblanc The Dragon Legend Of Zodiac Cufflinks

Montblanc The Dragon Legend Of Zodiac Cufflinks, Lunar New Year

Montblanc champions the Year of the Dragon with a timeless cufflink. Made with sterling silver and featuring a dragon with a whale tale arm and clasp closure, the accessory seamlessly infuses the zodiac sign into formal and business wear.

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COS Oversized Mohair-Jacquard Cardigan

COS Oversized Mohair-Jacquard Cardigan, Lunar New Year

Minimal design, maximal impact. True to COS’s nature, the Lunar New Year capsule is understatedly chic. The collection features a digitally drawn dragon and is placed on button-down shirts, skirts and sweaters, in an array of colours like blue, beige and brown.

The contemporary brand pairs the design with timeless silhouettes that ring in the year in an oh-so-subtle yet stylish manner.

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