Lucien Laviscount FASHION Winter 2024 Cover Star

That’s what makes Laviscount such a great heartthrob for now. Like his counterparts Timothée Chalamet, Pedro Pascal and Paul Mescal, he has found the golden ratio of sensitivity and silliness, paired with a perfect physique and a fashion-forward sensibility. That’s not to say he’s immune from the pressures that come with being one of the internet’s boyfriends or the child of two bodybuilders. But he assures me that his parents never forced him down any particular path. Instead, his British mom and Antiguan dad drilled into him the importance of hard work and passion and taught him to love himself. “I grew up in Burnley, one of the most racist places in England,” he explains. “No one was going to pat me on the back. No one was going to help me out. What am I going to do? Wallow? No. My parents taught me that I have to be better — be more. And if you’re going to do something, do it with your whole heart.”

Laviscount says he finds there’s nothing sexier than when someone shares that same outlook on life and unapologetically owns who they are. I ask if he’s currently in love, and it’s the only time he pauses in our hour-long conversation. I can see him searching for the right words and trying to decide how much of himself he wants to reveal — he’s notoriously private about his personal life, especially when it comes to dating. “I have my family, my friends and the people who are closest to me whom I love very, very dearly,” he begins rather coyly. “I think people put a lot of pressure on one person to be their person, but it’s impossible for one human to tick every box. A beautiful bird finds you and lands on your shoulder and you want to put it in a cage? No, no, no! I just want to open the world to that person even more. They should make you feel weirder, crazier, more ambitious, more loved and freer than you did before.”

Another pause. “But do I have that person in my life? I have people in my life,” he says, carefully dodging the question. Sorry, everyone — I tried my best. 

While he’s cagey about who he’s currently courting, there’s no hiding the fact that Laviscount is a romantic at heart. Growing up, the actor admits he was a “cocky little kid.” He was discovered at the age of 10, when he was shopping with his mom. Enamoured with a teenage shop attendant, Laviscount fearlessly approached her and asked if she’d like to go out. While he didn’t get a date, he did end up getting a gig, as a casting agent overheard the exchange and was impressed with his confidence. His first job? Modelling for David Beckham’s kids clothing line. After that, acting came quite naturally. 

But, to be fair, his mom deserves some credit. “She is the most wonderful, wonderful woman,” Laviscount begins, getting a little emotional. “Every night, my mom would climb into bed with my brother and me and read us bedtime stories until we fell asleep. That had a massive impact on me, because now, all I want to do is tell stories in whatever format I can, whether it be through art, music, acting or whatever.”

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