Kendall Jenner is the New Face of L’Oréal Paris

Photography Courtesy of L’Oréal Paris

Because she’s worth it.

L’Oréal Paris spent the past few days teasing the arrival of a new face on the brand’s Instagram, so there’s only been one question on the minds of beauty enthusiasts worldwide this week: who is she?

You’ve seen her on the runway. You’ve seen her on billboards. You’ve seen her on TV. And beginning this fall, you’ll be seeing her front and centre in L’Oréal Paris makeup campaigns. She’s Kendall Jenner, and she’s just been unveiled as the beauty brand’s newest global ambassador!

In retrospect, our first hint that L’Oréal Paris’ new it girl could be the fifth member of the Kar-Jenner clan was practically hiding in plain sight. It was only a couple of months ago when Jenner’s makeup artist Mary Phillips revealed on Instagram that the model wore an exclusively L’Oréal Paris makeup look to this year’s Karl Lagerfeld-themed Met Gala, after all.

As one of the biggest names in the modelling industry and one of the most famous faces of our generation (she’s only got a cool 350 million followers across her social media accounts), nothing less than a partnership with one of beauty’s biggest brands is to be expected. Where makeup is concerned, we’re used to seeing little sister Kylie Jenner — who solidified her position as a mega beauty mogul with the launch of Kylie Cosmetics in 2015 — or big sis Kim Kardashian — whose revamped KKW beauty line is due to make a comeback later this year — in the spotlight. Yet, here comes Kendall ushering in a new era of L’Oréal Paris.

“At any other time, Kendall Jenner might have been as successful as she is now, but her worth and her choices and her image might have been defined or even controlled by others. But nobody defines Kendall Jenner. She is the embodiment of everything Gen-Z stands for, owning her image, proudly growing in her self-worth, and inspiring others to do the same,” shares Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, L’Oréal Paris Global President in a press release.

As a multi-hyphenate model and entrepreneur, Jenner has spent recent years developing an image outside of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the television show that first introduced Jenner to the world at age 11. “Being in charge of my image is such a blessing. I have had so much fun, especially in the last two years since launching a brand of my own,” says Jenner in a statement announcing the collab. “I feel I am coming into my own womanhood more and more. I get my confidence in knowing my worth. And working hard for what I deserve.” With their synchronized embodiment of sisterhood, women’s empowerment and the brand’s self-worth ethos, this alignment feels like a seamless fit.

From high-fashion campaign imagery to laidback vacation snaps, Jenner’s Instagram is bursting with It-girl energy, and one thing we can glean from the glam shots she shares is that she takes a minimal approach when it comes to beauty. Chiselled cheeks, a nude pout, and a sultry eye are always built up over a fresh-faced base that reads like second skin. It’s no wonder then, that her current favourite L’Oréal Paris product provides that skin-like finish she seems to love.

“I have to say I love L’Oréal Paris makeup, especially the foundations. I think my favourite is Infallible Freshwear,” she shares. “It’s great to find makeup you can put on, that fits your skin, and that you don’t have to worry about — you can just face your day because you know it’s going to resist everything.”

Though Jenner may take a less-is-more approach to beauty, we’re sure that years of work in the modelling industry behind the scenes of runway shows and high-fashion campaigns are bound to have taught this model a lesson or two about makeup, straight from the very best sources in the business of beauty. Jenner’s catwalk career began at the age of 13, and now, at the age of 27, she is recognized as a modern “super” in the modelling world. Having walked in high fashion shows from Versace to Prada, this runway regular earned herself the title of 2018’s highest-paid model of the year at the age of 23 — a title she still maintained just last year. With countless moments in the makeup chair at the hands of makeup legends, what could’ve been better preparation for a role like this?

Jenner joins other beauty icons like Viola Davis, Andie Macdowell, Jane Fonda, Elle Fanning and Kate Winslet as the newest member of the L’Oréal Paris Global Ambassador sisterhood, where we’re sure she’ll thrive under this appointment. We’ll get our first look at Jenner in action in this new role this September, when she’s set to front a new makeup campaign.

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