Kendall Jenner Cutting Cucumber Costume Goes Viral

Kendall Jenner Cutting Cucumber Costume Goes Viral

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The model turned her viral cucumber-cutting moment into a costume.

Listen, I have no illusions about one of the talents of the Kardashian-Jenner family — they know how to bait the public and create viral moments. It’s a particular area of expertise of the ever-crafty matriarch Kris Jenner; the devil works hard but the momager truly works harder. So when model Kendall Jenner went viral earlier this year for having quite literally never held a knife or chopped a vegetable before, one could not be blamed for assuming it was all part of Kris’s master plan. If you haven’t seen it, please take a quick break to enjoy the lunacy of the Kendall Jenner cutting cucumber moment.

The thing is, the moment on The Kardashians was so absurd and entertaining, it almost didn’t matter how it came to be. If KJ had orchestrated the entire thing, she deserves an Oscar for screenwriting and a Nobel Peace Prize for bringing the world together to enjoy such a ridiculous moment of celebrity privilege. If it wasn’t fake and Kenny chops a cucumber in such an acrobatic, chaotic and inefficient way, well that’s a gift unto itself. And now this: amid the elaborate celebrity Halloween costumes and full-fledged photoshoots, a Kendall Jenner cutting cucumber Halloween costume. Simple yet very effective. Step aside, pizza rat.

The Kardashians are not really known for their… relatability. In fact, scenes like Kris and Kylie absolutely delighting in the “cute” novelty of going to a grocery store (a mundane and sometimes painful errand to most of us) feel wildly out of touch much of the time. But Kendall opting to laugh at herself along with us is what I’d call a small win for relatability. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And we always appreciate a self-aware queen. Now, somebody tell one of Kendall’s assistants to hide her kitchen knives so she doesn’t lose a digit while trying to dice an onion.

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