January 2022 Astrology: What These 3 Transits Have In Store

January 2022 Astrology: What These 3 Transits Have In Store

Graphic by Kayleen Dicuangco

Here’s how to work with (not against) the stars.

The new year is here and — based on my astrology predictions for January 2022 — things are about to get interesting. After a year of focusing on inner alignment and manifestation, I decided to ditch the New Year’s Resolutions I would’ve drafted in the past and turn inward. It’s taken 27 years, but I’ve finally realized that motivating myself by writing a list of fixed goals (like “read 30 books,” or “exercise twice per day”) is more “gaslight, gatekeep” than “girlboss.”

Instead of the brute-force method, I’m opting for an intuitive approach to goal-setting this year — and using the planetary retrogrades to my advantage.

In January 2022, the astrology forecast is calling for a Venus retrograde, a Mercury retrograde and a Mars transit. While the internet views astrological transits as the source of all breakups and bad haircuts, FASHION knows that retrogrades aren’t to blame. Rather than causing conflict, these cosmic occurrences simply bring issues we may have ignored (or avoided) to the surface.

Whether you’re super into all things witchy or a bit of a skeptic, you can’t deny the logic in “work smarter NOT harder.” Retrogrades are only disruptive when we suppress our inner voices and work out of alignment with our true self. So, to level up — and level up QUICKLY — prioritize the connection you have with your inner self over external relationships.

Below, my astrology predictions for January 2022, and how you can cope with the changes.

Venus retrograde (Dec. 19, 2021 to Jan. 29, 2022)

Venus will station retrograde from Dec. 19 to Jan. 29 in the sign of Capricorn. As the planetary ruler of flirty Libra and sturdy Taurus, Venus plays a big role in our romantic and financial endeavours. Since the Morning Star goes retrograde in the practical sign of Capricorn, we may be called to view our love lives and finances through a more traditional lens. This can mean saying a firm no to situationships and precarious work. It can also mean saying yes to long-term partnerships and investments.

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In pop culture, we mostly hear about the romantic possibilities of a Venus retrograde. We all have an ex we low-key want to see again, even if just for a little drama and validation (‘tis the season?). But instead of practicing Blair Waldorf’s iconic “three words, eight letters” speech, let’s remember that retrogrades are way more about introspection than ultimatums. This TikTok User breaks it down perfectly:

@peytonmichiVenus Retrograde Breakdown #venusretrograde #retrograde #astrology #zodiacsigns #SimsSelves #spirituality #capricorn #astrologypredictions #astrotalk♬ Take Me to Pluto – idonthateyou

Last year I realized that someone can be kind to you and still be wrong for you. After shedding the false selves I’d created to protect myself from disappointment, I brought my expectations up to meet my desires instead of the other way around.

This Venus retrograde, ask yourself what it would really take for you to be happy and secure with your finances and relationships. Don’t soften your answers; instead, ask yourself why voicing your desires makes you uncomfortable.

Mercury retrograde (Jan. 14, 2022 to Feb. 3, 2022)

Mercury goes retrograde in two signs this month: first in innovative Aquarius from Jan. 14 to 25 and then in ambitious Capricorn from Jan. 25 to Feb. 3rd. Mercury rules over the solution-focused signs of Gemini and Virgo, so the areas of our lives where communication really matters will be most affected — yes, that means all forms of communication. The way we relate to others at home, work and online will likely be called into question. This TikTok highlights what to expect:

@healingwithjazVenus/Mercury retrograde 2022 #venus #mercury #MakeABunchHappen #retrograde #astrology #astrologytiktok #venusretrograde #mercuryretrograde #zodiac♬ nhạc nền – AK乂Duty

We all have negative associations with Mercury and its infamous transits. Email mix-ups, shattered iPhones and buyer’s remorse are just a few of the frustrations we can look forward to this month (note: sarcasm). Even if your plan is to just lay low and try to survive this retrograde, let me remind you that both Venus and Mercury are retrograding in unison.

What does that mean? This TikTok explains it pretty well:

@peytonmichiVenus & Mercury Retrograde #DoTheJuJu #astrology #venusretrograde #mercuryretrograde #astrologypredictions #astrotalk #astrology2022 #spirituality♬ Winter / Chill / R & B_No517 – table_1

Last year I noticed a lot of the tension in my friendships was stemming from my inability to express my needs. So, instead of swallowing my discomforts like the “Strong Black Woman” stereotype says I should, I learned to trust the people I love with the softest parts of me, and say what I needed.

This Mercury retrograde, ask yourself whether your fear of conflict comes from the possibility of losing others or betraying yourself. There will always be miscommunications and disagreements, but by remembering that we’re safe with those who love us, we can learn to be less defensive and more open.

Mars transit in Sagittarius (Dec. 13, 2021 to Jan. 24, 2022)

Mars entered adventurous Sagittarius on Dec. 13, and will stay there until Jan. 24. The Red Planet rules impulsive Aries and intense Scorpio, and since it’s associated with our aggression, sexuality and ability to take action, it should come as no surprise that Mars is actually quite comfortable in Sagittarius. But will we be comfortable operating on Sagittarian impulses…especially during a double retrograde?

I love my Sun sign, but it’s no surprise we’re commonly referred to as “Sagiterrorists.” Our energy is known for being fun-loving, chaotic and non-committal (listen to “The Archer” by Taylor Swift, she explains it pretty well). Balancing these Sag desires for excitement and freedom with Capricorn sensibilities is definitely easier said than done.

I’ve realized that allowing yourself to do whatever you want can be a form of self-love, but it can also be a form of self-abandonment. We owe it to ourselves to take actions that make us happy, and we’re allowed to reconsider any actions we’re uncertain about.

Based on my astrology predictions for January 2022, I’ll give you one last piece of advice: Whether you’re deciding on UberEats, buying a new desk chair, or sending your ex a “Happy Birthday” text, ask yourself: “Is this in alignment with my best self?”

Trust the process, trust the planets and (most of all) trust yourself. You got this!

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