Hair Removal: 8 Tools to Shop for a Super Smooth Summer

Photography courtesy of Lauchmetrics.COM/SPOTLIGHT

Hair where?

It’s been two days since the summer solstice marked the official start of the season, and that warrants an upgrade of our hair removal tools in preparation for a summer of showing a little more skin.

When it comes to an act as intimate as shaving, extra caution must be taken, and there’s much to be considered. Will I develop razor burn? Skin irritation? Does this device work for my skin type? Which razor can I use on my bikini line? Does this thing remove peach fuzz? The questions are aplenty and the market is highly saturated — but luckily we’ve narrowed it down to eight devices that’ll help you achieve the sleekest results, no matter your grooming needs.

From sensitive skin-safe razors and facial hair buzzers to high-tech light-powered tools and bikini line trimmers, here are the hair removal tools you need to shop this summer.

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