Editor-Approved Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Whether you’re looking to try a new beauty product or get ahead of holiday shopping, ‘FASHION’ has got you covered.

You thought The Hunger Games were hard? Trying shopping on Black Friday. From fighting the IRL crowds, to scouring the web for the best deals, this time of year is equal parts exhilarating and overwhelming. With seemingly every brand on the planet offering exclusive discounts and crazy sale prices, it’s an information overload. But that’s where we come in.

You can’t go into the shopping arena without a strategy so let us be the Haymitch to your Katniss, the Coriolanus to your Lucy Grey (from The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, of course). Don’t be distracted by all the shiny objects and instead prioritize the products you actually need. Below, we’ve rounded up the best Black Friday shopping tips from the FASHION editors. And may the odds be ever in your favour.

Bernadette Morra, editor-in-chief: Say no to impulse buying

“Black Friday fever is real. Do: sit down and make a shopping list well in advance and do your best to stick to it. Don’t: purchase on impulse. Only buy what you really need or what will make your heart sing, even months or years from now. How often do I follow my own advice on this? Almost never! Though I do believe these Jenny Bird earrings will be a long term love.”

Black Friday Wish List Item

Jenny Bird Nouveaux Puff Earrings

black friday shopping tips

Annika Lautens, fashion news director: Do your research beforehand

“Tell me you’re an eldest daughter without telling me you’re an eldest daughter. I’ll go first: I plan, buy and wrap presents for 20-plus family members every year. But don’t get me wrong, it isn’t forced labour — it’s my preferred seasonal hobby. So, I approach Black Friday with tactical precision. One of my best Black Friday shopping tips is to do your research beforehand. If you want to get your dad a cable-knit sweater à la Billy Crystal, have a few options at the ready. Then, once the sale starts, compare prices for the best deal. Apologies in advance for the number of tabs you’re sure to have open.”

Black Friday Wish List Item

Gap Cable-Knit Sweater

black friday shopping tips

Jennifer Berry, digital director: Watch your shopping cart like a hawk

“I’ve never been to a casino, and I’ve bought like two lottery tickets in my life, but I do like to play a little game called ‘shopping cart roulette’ wherein I create fantasy carts on all my favourite online retailers, including designer e-comm spots like Ssense and Holt Renfrew, and high street meccas like H&M. Then, as sale seasons approach, I watch those babies like hawks, waiting for prices to keep dropping. The longer an item stays in the cart without selling out, the more of a thrill I get. At some point, I get serious, delete the fantasy items, and hit ‘purchase.’ It’s like a wish list but a little more titillating. This time around, I’m stalking cute handbags, like this minimal design from Staud, because a black shoulder bag is a need, not a want, no?”

Black Friday Wish List Item

Staud Vivi Leather Shoulder Bag

black friday shopping tips

Souzan Michael Galway, acting beauty director: Stock up on multi-purpose items

“When it comes to shopping for beauty products during Black Friday, things can get overwhelming fast. To avoid getting caught up in the madness and ending up with a cart full of dozens of items you probably don’t need (and probably don’t have the space for — when was the last time you cleaned out your makeup kit, by the way?), I recommend scooping up a more substantial item that you can not only use daily, but that you’ll have for a while. On my wish list is the Huda Beauty Empowered Eyeshadow Palette. Featuring 18 shades — including classic, everyday hues like matte black and brown, plus a few metallic shades and fun colours like violet and copper — the eyeshadows can also be used as eyeliners and even highlighters. We love a true do-it-all product.”

Black Friday Wish List Item

Huda Beauty Empowered Eyeshadow Palette

black friday shopping tips

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Natalie Michie, social media/market editor: Quality over quantity

“Each year, Black Friday approaches with get-your-credit-card-ready urgency that puts you in the mood to buy it all. But I can attest that falling prey to this immediacy results in purchases you simply won’t use. Because Black Friday bleeds into Cyber Monday, I think of the event as a weekend-long affair for deciphering which deals are worth going after. My suggestion? Adopt a quality-over-quantity mindset, and take your time before clicking ‘buy.’ This approach has allowed me to focus on the things I really, truly need, like these Sandy Liang Mary Janes.”

Black Friday Wish List Item

Sandy Liang Mary Janes

black friday shopping tips

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