Drag Queen Style Tips: How to Stop Your Tights From Running

Brooke Lynn Hytes. Photography by Charles Vary

Six international drag superstars share their glamazon wisdom about preserving red lips, walking in sky-high stilettos and more.

Drag queens know a thing or two about being glam. In fact, one could argue it’s literally their job. Whether they’re serving lewks on the Drag Race runway or lip-syncing at a Christmas drag brunch, they have to look fabulous at all times and that means maintenance! How do you make a red lip last for hours? What’s the secret to keeping your sheer tights in perfect condition? What about dancing in death-defying heels? These are all must-have skills for any drag superstar and also anyone looking to survive the holidays!

Below, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Jimbo, Veruschka/Viktor Peters, Tynomi Banks, Dakota Schiffer and Black Peppa share some of their best drag queen style tips.

drag queen style tips
Jimbo. Photography by Charles Vary

Can you wear sparkles and feathers at the same time?

Jimbo: They should definitely be worn at the same time! Crystals and ostrich feathers are a drag queen’s best friend. It’s the holidays! Wear what makes you feel special.

Tynomi Banks: There’s a fine line between tacky and beautiful. Make sure it’s tasteful! The type of sparkles and feathers are definitely important. Ostrich feathers are my go-to — they’re just so light and fluffy.

Dakota Schiffer: Of course! There are no rules but I find keeping it monochromatic helps mute multiple clashing textures and looks more chic.

drag queen style tips
Brooke Lynn Hytes. Photography by Charles Vary

Is there a secret to making a bold lip last throughout a holiday dinner?

Jimbo: The secret is to eat slowly and take tiny bites. Avoid gravy and noodles and don’t lick your lips! Unless you’re looking to make a friend a ruin your lipstick anyway…

Brooke Lynn Hytes: Don’t make out with anyone or wear Haus Labs.

Veruschka/Viktor Peters: Line and fill your lips with a pencil. Lightly powder the lip and apply your choice of product on top. This will help with the longevity of your look.

Tynomi Banks: I pray to the good Lord himself and ask Him to protect my lips during the holiday season. This girl loves to eat.

Dakota Schiffer: I like to set a cream lipstick with eyeshadow and/or find a non-drying liquid lipstick. Using a lip stain is also great!

Black Peppa: As a high energy performer, I love a matte non-transfer lip. It lasts all night, even when I’m dancing, drinking and eating.

drag queen style tips
Tynomi Banks. Photography by Charles Vary

Any drag queen style tips on how to keep your tights looking flawless throughout December?

Jimbo: Buy more than one pair! Tights are a fickle beast — one moment they are smooth and beautiful, the next moment they’re snagged and ruined. Avoid looking cheap and get yourself enough pairs that you can just throw them away.

Brooke Lynn Hytes: Don’t wear them.

Tynomi Banks: Honestly, a nice cold wash works wonders, depending on how delicate the tights are.

drag queen style tips
Veruschka. Photography by Charles Vary

What are your thoughts on press-on vs. gel and acrylic nails?

Veruschka/Viktor Peters: Personally, I prefer press-ons so I can remove them and just have my natural nails. But I’m loving all the creativity that goes into nail art!

Dakota Schiffer: I prefer gels myself, but I have been known to get acrylics when the look requires a dramatic nail. The key is to find a colour that’ll look flattering for as long as possible while it grows out and will help disturb your nails less.

Black Peppa: Press-ons! They’re quick to put on and easily come off.

drag queen style tips
Dakota Schiffer. Photography by Charles Vary

How do you wear painful heels without dying?

Jimbo: It’s a mind over matter situation! Know your route and have a ride ready beforehand. Also, make sure the event has seating. If that doesn’t work, drink ’till you can’t feel your feet!

Brooke Lynn Hytes: You don’t. Give in to the pain then make it your b*tch!

Tynomi Banks: I am not a little girl anymore — I had to stop wearing stilettos. Now I buy chunky or wider heels to support my back. I also take breaks and sit down. It’s about knowing when to leave the party early.

Black Peppa: Tough it out like a true queen.

drag queen style tips
Black Peppa. Photography by Charles Vary


Photography by CHARLES VARY. Makeup by VIKTOR PETERS. Retouching by KATIE STIENSTRA. Project Management by P1M.

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