Cosmetic Chemists on Tiktok and More Creators to Follow for Beauty Intel

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From cosmetic chemists to industry innovators, these are the top creators to follow if you want to learn something new.

If you’re on #BeautyTok, there’s a good chance that within a few minutes of scrolling you’ll come across someone in a lab coat dissecting the ingredient list of the viral SPF you’ve been eyeing. And if you’re a fragrance enthusiast, your FYP is likely flooded with influencers unraveling the mysteries of aroma compounds, or breaking down the history behind an iconic hand soap. Whatever your beauty question is, TikTok creators have the answer.

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Ever since the introduction of long-form content on the platform in 2022, an impressive number of real-life beauty experts and researchers have cropped up on the app, delivering thoughtful insights into the industry while keeping us engaged. These are the TikTok creators deep-diving into the world of product development and formulation to show viewers what goes into creating our most beloved beauty items. Of course, TikTok is the place to get inspo for your next mani, learn new beauty hacks and become hypnotized by showy unboxing videos, but now it’s a great educational resource, too. Here, we’re sharing 7 TikTok creators in the beauty space that you should be following if you want to learn something new.

@labmuffinbeautyscience #stitch with @J.C. Dombrowski “Medical grade” skincare products that you can only buy from skin clinics don’t follow different regulations #skintok #medicalgrade #skincaremyths #beautymyths #skincare101 #skincaretips ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

Known as Lab Muffin Beauty Science, Dr. Wong has been a staple in the online beauty world since starting her blog and YouTube channel over ten years ago. With over 400k followers on both YouTube and Instagram, she’s established herself as a major influencer and is steadily growing on TikTok with 91k followers. On all platforms, you’ll find her sharing her vast knowledge of ingredients and enlightening viewers about the truth behind various beauty claims, like what medical grade skincare really means, and if certain drugstore hair care products are as “toxic” as they are often made out to be. Armed with a scientific background (she has a chemistry PhD and works as a cosmetic chemist), Wong challenges misleading marketing tactics and presents evidence-based explanations to help her followers understand what really works.

@charlotteparler Replying to @meat_prison #greenscreen could be a lot of things but this sunscreen has some of the older filters #skincare #beauty #spf #kbeauty ♬ original sound – Charlotte Palermino

Dieux co-founder Charlotte Palermino calls herself “your beauty industry fairy godmother,” and honestly, she feels like it. A former Cosmo editor, she’s beloved by her fan base of over 668k combined followers on TikTok and Instagram for her candid, matter-of-fact takes on the beauty industry. As a licensed esthetician, she has the knowledge to back up her opinions, but she often features dermatologists on her platform to support and expand on her hot takes. In addition to covering everything from her distaste for TikTok buzzwords (see: clean girl aesthetic) and why you should take anything you see on the internet with a healthy dose of skepticism, she also shares peeks into her real-life adventures and offers genuine reviews of products she loves.

@javonford16 #stitch with @Shay #cosmeticchemist #shaysnaturalremedies #diysunscreen #sunscreen #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Javon Ford

L.A.-based Javon Ford is one of our favourite cosmetic chemists on  TikTok who wants you to rethink your multi-step beauty routine. He believes in keeping things simple and effective, going against the grain and urging his followers to focus on what their skin needs rather than chasing the next big thing. But he doesn’t only cover the science behind your favourite skincare and explain why you definitely shouldn’t be replacing your SPF with plant oils. He also touches on topics like the science behind pigments in makeup, tips for caring for textured hair, and even test-drives the most outlandish TikTok beauty hacks so you don’t have to—and he does it all in a thoughtful, entertaining way. You’ve all heard of retinoids but what do they actually do?? #dermatologist #dermatologydoctor #skincareroutine #skintok #skincaretips #skincare #learnontiktok #retinol #retinoid #pigmentation #acne #acnetreatment #foryou #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – Dr Adel | Dermatology Doctor

It’s an experience common to so many of us: someone in scrubs is explaining a medical issue while you find yourself gazing into the distance, thinking to yourself, “Can someone please explain this to me like I’m five years old?” If you want to get real skin advice that isn’t filled with science-based jargon that’s hard to keep up with, give Dr. Aamna Adel a follow. The London-based dermatologist shares her wealth of knowledge with her followers and always adds a bit of spice, playing with TikTok trends and creating insightful “derm reacts” videos to debunk common skincare advice.

@thelipsticklesbians I kept on seeing this @YSL Beauty Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick all over TikTok, and I had so much FOMO that I had to touch it for myself. Perfect opportunity, as usual, during a local @sephora haul. And of course Christina made me play the beauty brain game, where I guess where a product is made! Ultimately I was not surprised where this one was made after touching and feeling the formula, which to me feels super modern and nails a beautiful blend of shine and cushion with a melting sensoriality. The novelty of this formula is a perfect example of when formula meets packaging, where the supported stick allows for this type of melting sensation to take place without being messy. The audible click is a nice accessible add on so folks know how much to propel or repel. Overall I’m impressed! There were none left for me to purchase, but let me know if I should, so I can do a deeper evaluation for y’all if you’re interested! And let me know, what else do you want to see me evaluate? #makeup #beautytok #yslbeauty #yslcandyglaze #beautybraingame #beautyproductevaluationsbyalexis ♬ original sound – Christina & Alexis

Digital creators Dr. Christina Basias Androulakis and Alexis Androulakis are the queer makeup power couple to follow on TikTok. Not only do they run @thelipsticklesbians, but they’re also the duo behind inclusive makeup brand FemPower Beauty. On their TikTok page, the two beauty entrepreneurs engage their fanbase by sharing honest product reviews and talking product drops live from Sephora while playing guessing games with one another and getting into interesting beauty history tidbits. The pair also have a series of interactive beauty showdowns where followers vote on the best products like concealers, bronzers and more.

@perfumerism vanilla discoloration explained! #gentlefluiditygold (op: @Emily ♬ original sound – emma🧺👗🫶🫡

If you’re drawn to the infinitely complex world of fragrance, you should probably check out Toronto beauty specialist Emma (@perfumerism). Now a student of ISIPCA Versailles’ postgraduate fragrance program, she gets into the nitty gritty of the science behind your favourite scents, including explaining why certain fragrance compounds can sometimes smell off-putting (like, really off-putting) depending on your body chemistry. Not only that, she reviews everything from luxury perfumes to Zara scents, and shares occasion-specific scent reccos that match all sorts of vibes. Plus, she doesn’t gatekeep when it comes to cool niche scents—and that’s all we ask, really.

@erinparsonsmakeup Queen Puabi and her ancient #eyeshadow #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Erin Parsons

Gigi Hadid’s go-to makeup artist, Erin Parsons, is famous for her ability to paint faces exceptionally, but she’s also a hyper-knowledgeable makeup influencer and avid vintage beauty collector, too. With a whopping 2 million followers on TikTok, Parsons creates awe-worthy makeup looks on her page and offers helpful advice for re-creating them at home. She also shares fascinating insights into the history of beauty, replicates iconic celebrity makeup looks and even dares to experiment with retro makeup that may be best left untouched. But she does it anyway, because she’s that committed.

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