Camille Razat Fills Us In On Her “Emily In Paris” Skincare Routine 

Camille Razat Fills Us In On Her “Emily In Paris” Skincare Routine 

Photography Courtesy of L’Oréal Paris

The French actor fills us in on her Emily in Paris skincare routine.

Camille Razat stars in the beyond fun and frothy escape that is Emily in Paris, which is returning just in time for the holiday season. Ahead of the season two premiere on December 22, we asked the new global ambassador for L’Oréal Paris — who plays the chic Parisian also named Camille (and one part of Emily’s newly formed love triangle) — about some of her beauty must-haves.

Your character in Emily in Paris shares your name and your chic, French heritage. What else do you have in common (or not)?

I think we share my sense of humour, even if I’m more sarcastic in real life sometimes. I’m a friendly person, however, unlike TV Camille, when I’m in a bad situation I give my opinion and I’m not afraid of confrontation!

What do you say to Camille stans who say they prefer her personality and style over Emily’s?

It’s very flattering and I’m so grateful that people love Camille. I think people relate to the character because she is the only one who’s honest in most of the situations on the show. Of course, Emily is still the main character because she is the one who has to make big decisions and lead the story.

How do you ensure you take care of yourself while you’re busy filming?

I take really good care of my skin and my hair. Everything starts with really good skincare. I love this serum and fragrance-free day cream.  I also make sure to use my gua sha to massage my face every day for two minutes.

Voluminous Balm Noir
Photography Courtesy of L’Oréal Paris

You’re the face of the new Voluminous Noir Balm mascara. What have you liked most about using it?

It’s very versatile and I love to play with it. It’s an intense black but you can make it really natural or layer it on and get a strong, rock look.

Have you learned any tips from having your makeup done on the show?

I’ll never put my makeup on dry again. Now I use a makeup sponge that I wet first so it helps the product penetrate the skin. I love it. It gives you such a nice texture to play with.

You’re now the ambassador of an iconic French beauty brand. Do you have any early memories of it?

Definitely, the smell of Elnett hairspray. It’s a souvenir from my childhood and reminds me of my grandmother. Now we use it while I’m shooting. It’s iconic!

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