Bridal Hair Trends For 2022: Updos, Veils and Natural Textures

Bridal Hair Trends For 2022: Updos, Veils and Natural Textures

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This year will see the return of the regal updo, tiaras and showing off your natural curls and texture.

The 2022 wedding season is right around the corner, and many are taking a different approach to their bridal hair. Since the pandemic altered the way we plan weddings, many couples fall into one of two camps: wanting a smaller, more intimate affair or going completely over-the-top to make up for all the fun they’ve missed out on in recent years. “I see two versions of a bride at the moment: the super-natural, relatable-looking bride with a more windblown hairstyle that has natural texture or a curl and a middle part, or there’s the bride that says, ‘Screw it. I’ve been on lock down for two years. I’m going all out,’” says pro hairstylist and groomer Cia Mandarello.

Read on for more of the biggest bridal hair trends for 2022.

The Updo is back, baby

Bridal Hair Trends 2022
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Blame it on Bridgerton if you will, but after years of beachy waves and undone buns, the glamour of the opulent updo has returned. “The new updo is not as clean and tight as the prom hair of our youth, but it does have a lot more intentional shape. It’s not boho chic, but there’s a more natural effect, with lots of room for natural curls and textures and a misplaced coil here and there,” says Mandarello. For those with naturally textured hair, Mandarello says to consider combining a high shape with some small braids, or twisting a braid along your hairline for an inspired take.

Embellishing is always the right move

Bridal Hair Trends 2022
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Chic hair accessories are more popular than ever and, again, reflect the luxe Georgian era of Bridgerton with added jewellery, bows, pearls and, yes, even tiaras. This look is especially perfect for those with short hair who want to take their signature look to the next level. “If your style is long enough, you can blow it out super sleek and tight and then pull it back or wear it side-parted and tucked really tight behind your ears,” says Mandarello. For super-short lengths, consider a slight wave that’s lightly brushed out and accentuate it with a jewelled barrette over one ear or even a luxe headband. Lastly, add a veil for some extra drama. “Ditch the flower crowns, veils are back,” says Mandarello who notes that even though brides are embracing colour for their overall look more than ever, the classic veil, especially in white or cream lace, is a romantic statement that is back in high demand.

Showcase your signature texture

Bridal Hair Trends 2022
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Step away from the mermaid wave extensions. While a little extra hair may be needed for the elaborate updos mentioned above, if you’re wearing your hair down, it’s all about making the most of the hair you already have. “During the [pandemic], people started to finally embrace their natural colour and texture and are even more comfortable with letting greys come through,” says Mandarello. Now, brides feel like they want to show more of themselves for their big day, and are losing that desire to relax, colour process and totally change up their bridal look.

Upgrade your routine…but don’t change it

Bridal Hair Trends 2022
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“The months leading up to your wedding is not the time to try something new!” says Mandarello. Instead, focus on keeping your hair as healthy as possible so that it’s easy to work with and naturally looks great on the big day. “Instead of jumping off the deep end with a new colour or cut, lean in to hair treatments and leave-in conditioners,” says Mandarello. Try to limit heat styling to keep breakage to a minimum. “If you feel like you absolutely have to change it up, give yourself at least three months so that if something catastrophic occurs, you’ve got a buffer,” says Mandarello. Lastly, whether you’re going for a hair trial or not (highly recommended if you’re seeing a professional on your wedding day) try to wear your hair in the same style you have planned for one of your dress fittings, so you can ensure you like how everything looks together before the big day. It’s also a helpful move so you can double-check that your hairstyle of choice doesn’t cause any strands to get caught in any beadwork on your dress, or if certain hair accessories are too uncomfortable to wear for hours on end.

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