Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Had a Red Carpet Moment in Opposite Styles

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Two questions: 1. When was the last time you saw Queen Bey on a red carpet with another celeb? 2. Were they going to the same event?!

Talk about legends supporting legends. Beyoncé made a surprise appearance to support Taylor Swift at the red carpet premiere of her Eras Tour concert movie on October 11 — and we couldn’t help but notice their totally opposite fashion choices for the event.

In typical Swift fashion, the “Shake It Off” singer’s ensemble was fittingly themed to the release of her upcoming re-recorded album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version). In reference to the colour that represents her 1989 era, Swift wore a pale blue strapless gown outfitted with floral peekaboo cut-outs by Oscar de la Renta, which she paired with matching Giuseppe Zanotti heels and Cartier jewels.

Swift continued her 1989 references with her beauty look as well. To mimic the hairstyle she sports on the re-recorded album’s new cover, and one that she wore during the original 1989 era, Swift’s blonde curls were styled into a short faux bob. She also wore light blue eyeshadow along with her signature cat eye and red lip.

While Swift’s look was romantic and overtly girly, Beyoncé, the night’s guest of honour who also has a concert movie coming this December, went in a completely different direction with her outfit.

Falling in line with this season’s silver and metallics trend — that she undoubtedly had a hand in creating — Beyoncé attended the premiere in a black jumpsuit accented with a mirrored breastplate by LaQuan Smith. In quintessential Renaissance style, the superstar completed the futuristic look with eflective sunglasses, black chunky boots, full glam makeup and a sleek half-up, half-down hairdo.

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While the artists’ styles appear to be in total opposition, they’re similar in one key way: Each look artfully personifies their latest musical endeavours. This is yet another example of celebrity method dressing — which has been having quite the moment on the red carpet this year — with both Bey and Swift making intentional style choices to bring their albums to life through their clothing.

That wasn’t the only carefully calculated move of the evening though. In fact, some fans have speculated that Beyoncé’s attendance at the premiere, which is a super rare public outing for the usually ultra-private celebrity, was done deliberately to put rumours of feuds between the singers to rest.

While neither star has so much as hinted at beef, some fan-created drama between Bey and Swift supporters has been brewing on social media in recent months as a result of fans continuously pitting the two wildly successful artists against one another.

This comes as a result of conflicting reporting on which singer had the highest-grossing tour, which has caused some fans to relentlessly compare other metrics such as ticket sales, stadium attendance records and even the amount of album streams and awards won by each artist.

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Beyoncé and Swift smiling beside each other at the premiere in their very different, yet still similar, looks appears to be a message to fans that those comparisons don’t matter to them. In fact, instead of fighting over ticket sales, the performers, who have been half-jokingly called “two of our world’s economic leaders” because of how their respective tours stimulated the economy, came together to create an empowering women-supporting-women moment. And we love to see it.

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