Anne Hathaway Red Carpet Rules: Mini-Dresses and Platform Heels Reign

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Super-short skirts paired with sky-high platforms have become a red carpet signature for Hathaway — and it slaps every time.

Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. Anne Hathaway and mini-dresses. Some things just go together. Thankfully for us celebrity style watchers, Hathaway has her red carpet outfit formula figured out (mini-dress + platform heels + legs for days + easy breezy attitide) and we, the humble commoners, can enjoy seeing her wear it with aplomb time and time again. It all started with this epic Valentino pink moment that would make Barbie weep, circa July 2022:

Photography by Getty Images

The sequins, the smile, the vertiginous platforms! 10 out of 10, no notes.

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This might not have been the first time Hathaway actually wore the outfit formula, but it sure sealed its fate as her MVP — and Anne Hathaway’s fate as a rising style star. And it’s a combo that, despite her owning red carpet after red carpet in sleek column dresses and hooded gowns alike, she keeps coming back to. It’s just that good.

Case in point: the two mini-dress-and-platforms outfits Hathaway wore last week alone. First, the actor chose a black Givenchy mini-dress covered in rosettes for a Bvlgari press conference celebrating the jeweller’s new hotel in Tokyo on April 3, which she paired with black single-strap platform sandals. She kept her accessories to a chic minimum, save an eye-catching piece of bling around her neck (the Bvlgari High Jewelry Serpenti Necklace, naturally) and a few casual diamond rings dripping off her fingers.

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The next day, Hathaway had a monochromatic moment in her fail-safe outfit formula, sashaying in a vibrant grape mini-dress from Valentino which she teamed with coordinating violet tights and tall metallic purple platform pumps. Our beloved Andy Sachs kept her beauty simple with both looks, which really let the outfits shine.

Photography by Getty Images

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t include another recent mini-and-platforms moment from Ms. Hathaway — the black crocodile mini and sky-high boots the newly minted Versace model wore to the luxury label’s star-studded Los Angeles fashion show on March 10. Bonus points for the dark sunnies and sheer tights.

Photography by Getty Images

Once again, a flawless outfit execution made infinitely more alluring by the immaculately unbothered vibes Hathaway now exclusively gives off. Ultimately, like with most memorable outfits, it’s the wearer’s attitude that takes it to the next level. Because designer dresses and shoes are fabulous, but confidence is the best accessory.

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